Goals for writing differ when it comes to each individual, but overall success of their articles is of importance to nearly all writers. Here we’ve selected five elements of popular articles on the web for you to take into consideration when you publish that next great piece.

1 – Originality

While photographs of little baby animals in the palms of someone’s hands is absolutely irresistible, it’s definitely been done (multiple times) before. The goal in originality is to be at the forefront of the popular material on the Internet. In other words, you want to be the one that they copy, not the one that copies them.

2 – Catchy Title

The titling of your article is the most important element to draw in a potential reader. It must be concise, yet descriptive, and be controversial or interesting enough to stand out amongst the crowd. Tip: Avoid overuse of prepositions and articles of speech in your titles.

3 – Appropriate and High-Quality Embedded Media

Images and video in an article can help heighten the piece and make it more attractive. Using relevant media to accompany your piece will make it easier to understand, in addition to becoming more relatable to your readers.

4 – Writing Style

The formatting of your article is key in its readability. While it’s easy to get carried away in your writing, you’ll want to avoid large blocks of text and too much intermingling of ideas. Break your writing up in sections, if appropriate, and create headers for those parts. Utilize H2, H3 and H4 “paragraph formats” wisely when styling your article in the submission form.

5 – Topic

Even with a proper execution of elements 1-5 above, the topic of the content itself will have both a short-term and long-term effect on the success of the article. Don’t give up on who you are as a writer, nor your desired subjects, but do allow for a little flexibility on the specific subject matter you are writing about. Find a balance between originality and broad topics that traditionally work well on the Web to master the successful Internet article.