We’ve been receiving emails from you, our valued community of entrepreneurs, with inquiries of what to create content about. As always, we encourage you to write what you know best … and still do!

That still leaves the burning question for entrepreneurs who want to gain more recognition and readership: “What do I write about that will both attract readers and make me look professional?” It’s important to not only know which topics are popular on the web  at any given moment, but also to understand the other steadfast qualities to writing good content. We’ll go over the different aspects to producing quality articles in a series of regular blog posts.


One of the most important, but too frequently overlooked aspects of writing, a great article is the quality of the language you’re using. Whether or not you’re writing in your native tongue, you need to ensure that your writing is actually readable. Simply, remember the following points when writing:

Assertive vs Passive Writing

While your personal expression is important, it can make it difficult for a reader to truly connect with the writing if the article is composed entirely in the first-person. If you are assertive, providing the facts in the subject manner you’ve chosen to write about, your point will come across with more ease and professional feel.

For Example:

Passive: I think the Eiffel Tower is a cool place to visit; everyone should go!

Assertive: The Eiffel Tower is a lovely destination for those seeking a romantic holiday.


The intent when writing an article is for it to be read. This is why it is extremely important to ensure you are using good grammar, spelling, and proper punctuation throughout. It does not need to be perfect, but it does need to be readable.

There are various programs that can assist you with correcting your grammar. A few programs to try out are your word processor’s spell check feature (you can go into the settings to enable a grammar check), Whitesmoke, and Spellchecker.net.

For our writers that are not native English speakers, the readability factor is a little more prominent. It is understandable to use a translator for some text of the article. If you are writing an article entirely in your language, using a translator to turn it into English words, you must take into account the following: it is obvious that a translator was used for article. There often are too many grammatical errors, ones that will pass any basic spell check.

Please read over it, or have a native speaker read through it, before publishing the article. If the article is not understandable, it diminishes your credibility as a writer.


Trends on the Internet are like trends in fashion: they change frequently, sometimes will reappear, and there are even ones you would never imagine that all of the sudden become extremely popular. Imagine yourself for a moment not as a writer, but as a designer. Your goal is to create something intriguing and attractive by using both what you know and browsing for new ideas.

When deciding on a subject matter, take into account the style that is currently trendy, but keep your own unique vision as the main focal point. Don’t copy the other designers, you want to stand out from the crowd, bringing what is popular content on the Internet to a whole new level.

There are many aspects to creating high-quality content. While it may be impossible to pinpoint and predict exactly what the next hot topic will be, writing excellent, innovative articles may just make the next piece you compose the must-read of the web.