There Are Two Speeds On the Web: Fast and Dead. Acquiring the right Web Hosting company’s service is key.

Nearly 2 decades into the new millennia, high standards have been set for businesses tapping into the power of the internet. You need to move fast, or your business is essentially dead on arrival (online, at least). This is why it’s extremely important to use the best in web hosting for your site.

What’s the best website host?

One of our preferred web hosting providers is Hostgator.
Not only are they low in cost, but they’re high in value.

Hostgator’s Services:

  • Web Hosting
    Starting at only $2.75 per month, this is all that most websites need.
    What’s included in their business plan ($5.75 per month) is:

    • Unlimited Domains
    • One Click Installs
    • Unmetered Bandwidth
    • Free SSL Certificate
    • Free Upgrade to Positive SSL
    • Free Dedicated IP
    • Free SEO Tools
  • Cloud Hosting
    Starting at $4.95 per month, hosting your website on the ‘cloud’ will allow you to scale up as you need and as your business grows. Plus, you know you’re going to love saying “we’re on the cloud” at your networking groups.What’s included in the Business Cloud Hosting:

    • Unlimited Domains
    • 6GB Memory
    • 6 Core CPU
    • Free SSL Certificate
    • Free Upgrade to Positive SSL
    • Free Dedicated IP
    • Free SEO Tools
  • WordPress Hosting
    Specific to the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) platform that is extremely popular among most businesses, Hostgator’s WordPress site hosting will ensure an optimizing experience and starts at $5.95 per month.

    • 3 Sites
    • 500k Visits Per Month
    • 3GB Backups
    • Free SSL Certificate
  • VPS
    A Virtual Private Server (VPS) affords you complete control of your hosting experience. And it starts at an incredibly affordable $29.95 per month. Here’s what their top plan includes:

    • 8 GB RAM
    • 4 Cores CPU
    • 240 GB Disk Space
    • 3 TB Bandwidth
  • Dedicated Hosting
    Everything you could need for a top-speed performance that will blow any of your competition in the dust. Starting at $119.95 per month for the value server and $149.95 per month for their enterprise server, whic includes:

    • 8 Core / 16 Thread
      Intel Xeon-D CPU
    • 30 GB RAM
    • 1 TB SDD
    • Unmetered Bandwidth

Regardless of which plan you pick, you’ll be happy to know that you’re in the hands of the most popular website hosting service for small businesses.